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Top 5 Paid Anime Streaming Sites For All Anime Aficionados

Posted on January 07 2019

Top 5 Paid Anime Streaming Sites For All Anime Aficionados

Here Is Our Awesome List Of Top 5 Paid Anime Streaming Sites

In this competitive arena, there are multiple paid online anime streaming sites for fans to view or stream their favorite shows. There are over 35,000 different anime streams, with each anime stream ranging in thousands of episodes. Keeping a track of them can be seriously difficult. There are many platforms online that offer a perfect solution to all your anime contents. Most of these platforms offer anime stream.

In this post, we will be providing the top 5 paid platforms where you can become a member to watch anime online, anytime, anywhere.  Ahegao face!


Apart from the latest releases of some of the trendiest TV reality shows, episodes and movies, Netflix also provides anime. There are over thousands of episodes from your favorite anime streams. A small price of $10.99 a month subscription can get you access to unlimited anime streams. Watch anime from the comfort of your home with a smart tablet or smart phone through the Netflix application. The best part is that you can search for any genre or category which is great, as it gives the users the chance to review other contents as well like movies and TV shows.


Hulu is an online platform that provides instant streaming for TV, sports, news, educational videos, and of course, anime. The smallest package they offer is for $7.99 and is currently just $5.99 for limited time period. The Hulu is similar to Netflix. Apart from all your favorite TV shows and movies, Hulu offers a wide collection of anime episodes. They offer subbed and dubbed edition contents for users. They have top titles like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Tokyo Ghoul, Rick and Morty episodes and much more. The only drawback with Hulu is that they tend to incomplete a saga. Users who stream with Hulu usually face this common problem of not being able to find a specific episode within the saga series. We still love it anyway as it gives you the chance to watch your favorite hot anime girls like dragon ball's sexy bulma! Time to get that ahegao face on!


Want access to exclusive anime content for the first week? HIDive is offering a free 7-day-trial for new users who are novice HIDive users. The usual cost for a subscription is $4.99 monthly standard. They have a second package as well, except it is a yearly contract. With the yearly contract you get to save up to 20% off your membership fees. The minimal requirement to operate this site is 13 years of age, so just need a parent or a legal guardian to set your account up. Now watch all your favorite anime shows all in one single platform, with HIDive.


Do you like ahegao expressions? Then you’ll love the hot anime girls from Funimaiton. The company is known for providing foreign content material with most of the content being Japanese anime. Funimation is division of Sony Pictures Entertainment, providing a wide collection of different types of anime and other genre types. One thing to note here is the Funimation is regional specific, so you would need to check if the site is accessible in your country.


If you are one of those anime fans that take things really seriously, then you ought to consider Crunchyroll. It is one of the best anime sites for amazing anime streaming content. They have a huge collection of genres that are categorized easily for users to easily find what they are looking for. Crunchyroll also offers some of the anime content free to view, however downloading isn’t an option for free anime sites content.

Final Thought

Despite the many freebies on the internet, subscriptions and monthly membership plans are much better to watch anime online. If you want to catch all the updates, latest trends and news on anime, then your best option is to go to an anime streaming site which it is paid for. Remember that most of these platforms are offering a free trial period before any commitment. Make a consideration today and start watching your favorite anime streams from the comfort of your own convenience. Forget those useless free anime sites, Ahegao face!

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